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Welcome to the Uppal's group, a complete solution and a one stop for all of the government related services to promote better business, lifestyle, education and health in India.

telecom & it

Today Telecom and IT industries are getting emerged day by day. As today is the time of modernization. Most of the people are dependent upon the electronic gadgets and devices and interact with the latest technologies. Every day there is new technologies come into the market and most of the people want to be update related to them.



Education is very important today. Now there is competition in every field and in education also. Uppal's group is the emerging education group of India that makes the education even more exciting for everyone. We have make the entire system of education changed so that students can learn better thing in a very exciting way so that they can enjoy learning.

premium properties

premium properties

Uppal's group aims to extend the range of the traditional real estate broker and offer clients around the world a range of the most exclusive properties available for sale in India. Today Uppal's group has made trusted brand in the premium residential segment of the real estate market which will offer several premium residential and buildings.

informatino security

information & security

Today, as when most of the people are dependent upon the internet and the technology. Most of the transactions are now done on the internet, there are many kinds of the information that is available on the internet. The hackers are always there in seek to get that information.

hospitality service

hospitality & aviation

Uppal's group gives value addition services & promotions for doctors, clinics & hospitals to give a jumpstart to the practice and make well- recognized amongst faculty and community. We want India to be clean and green and for this, we promote new Eco-friendly Hospitals, prominently also called “Green Hospitals”.


health care & wellness

Today everyone admires to have a healthy life as with the busy schedules most of the people caught in various kinds of diseases. Most of the people have to take medicines and additional supplements to life healthy life. Uppal's group has raised an initiative to give better healthcare to the people of India.

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  • man
    I had no idea what to expect when my husband was first diagnosed with his disease and we learned that he needed in-home care to administer his treatments. But from day one, our nurse has made us feel so comfortable. She's part of our family now and we could not have asked for better care and service just because of Uppal Health Care service

    - Shruti Khanna (Business woman)

  • man
    Hi, Thank you very much for organizing a brilliant tour journey for us. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We certainly recommend Uppal's tour and travel service for all tour needs. All the 3 tours we took were dealt professionally and was accompanied by knowledgeable guide and driver. He never pushed us with time at the attractions, he was patient and helpful all through. It's good to have the same guide and driver on all three days. Overall it was a memorable trip and we look forward to meet you again

    - Rachit Sharma

  • woman
    Uppal's group is great place to work and being pioneer in Transmission domain, there is lot of scope of learning phase. It is family rather company. Employee facilities, working environment is very good over here. If someone want to think of long stay in Organization then Uppal’s group will be best option for the IT and Telecom industry.

    - Ankita Tiwari (Home maker)

  • woman
    They seem to have a really great system when it come to communicating to renters when the rent is due, as well as what to expect at future lease renewals. We are very impressed with their intelligent way of handling things we could never get rights our selves. Thanks Uppal's groups for your Premium Property Management service.

    - Mrs. Kavita