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Education is very important today. Now there is competition in every field and in education also. Uppal's group is the emerging education group of India that makes the education even more exciting for everyone. We have make the entire system of education changed so that students can learn better thing in a very exciting way so that they can enjoy learning. We use all the latest technologies that make the learning easy. Our existence in each of the education verticals is marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, planned procedure and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value. We have a great deal from the pre-schools to the high schools, competitive exams, from basic subjects to the professional and vocational subjects and many more things. We not only believes in giving the education only at schooling level but also gives the employability skills to the students so that they can make better future. UPPAL's group has a foundation called UPPAL BAL VIKAS EDUCATION SOCIETY that is regd. at CHD.

We not only deals in the schools we have many global universities, engineering colleges, management institutes and many other professional institutes. Delivering high quality of education to the students in our main motive so that they can easily make their future in a particular field. We also gives the consultancy to people those who want to open their global schools liasoning education, tablets embedded with educational content for schools and universities and management/ engineering Colleges. It is really very difficult to get the liasoning for an education system but we make it possible to all of our clients to get easy way liasoning for their educational institutes. The better the education, better the future will be. Liasoning is really very difficult as it is a very lengthy process that has proper channel like submission of application, sanction, get release order and many more things. To be a leading educational society providing Education, Training, Skills, Placements, Research, Consultancy and Assessment Services to Individuals and Corporate at affordable cost for complete development of the society and the Country.

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UPPAL BAL VIKAS EDUCATION SOCIETY focuses on Holistic Development of our students with Knowledge, skills and Attitude with latest techniques. We have highly experienced and educated Faculty that continuously develops their skills. We continuously endeavor to achieve high levels of quality and professionalism in our academic programs by embracing challenges and transforming them into opportunities through Creativity and Originality. UPPAL's Group also deals in the CSR(Corporate social responsibilities) and gives the free education to the poor people, organize the free medical camps for the poor people, helps the needy people to marry their daughter and special old age homes are there for the elderly people those who have no shelter. So have a better future with UPPAL's Group educational foundation UPPAL BAL VIKAS EDUCATION SOCIETY and get better way of living.