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Uppal's group is the leading business giant of India that deals in the various fields it can be education, health care, hospitality, telecommunication and Information technology etc. Today in India there is many places where still there is no hospitals and dispensaries for the people. In the case of emergency, they have to go a long way to take a proper medical treatment Uppal's group is a not for profit registered organization providing specialized health care in some of the remotest and underdeveloped parts of India and also in some other countries like Singapore. This is where we are a distinctive way that steps in, to fulfill the necessitous demands of health care in these areas and play a vital link between secondary and tertiary hospital services. Setting up a medical hospital in India is not as easy as it sounds, but we are here to always guide you before taking the push. In today's time, health cares the basic need of every people of our country. Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical camps etc form the platform for this healthcare delivery is supported by doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

India has come into the researches that India has the lowest number of beds in its hospitals as per the requirement of the people. With the increase in the population day by day, the population need of the hospitality and health care is also increasing. Uppal's group also deals as a hospitality consultancy and gives the advice or consultancy for setup of any hospital in India. We assist our clients in letting them deal with every basic need to make a hospitals. We specialize in providing the services in the field of a hospital setting up scheming and consultancy, doctor/hospital practice management and promotion, medical tours etc. We will let you facilitate you to pursue your project with utmost Feasibility. Our services include Facility Planning and Design, Quality and authorization, Equipment Management, Public Health, Human Resource and commercial authority.

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Uppal's group gives value addition services & promotions for doctors, clinics & hospitals to give a jumpstart to the practice and make well- recognized amongst faculty and community. We want India to be clean and green and for this, we promote new Eco-friendly Hospitals, prominently also called “Green Hospitals”. In addition to building new eco-friendly hospitals, we undertake to amend of the existing structures & activities including machines and methods suiting eco-friendly parameters. Integration of this approach results in energy & cost saving.