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ip survillance

Today IP surveillance has become more popular to make the cities smarter. IP Surveillance is the Internet Protocol Surveillance that is digitized and networked version closed circuit television (CCTV), such kind of cameras records the video footage and distribute on the network having the same IP. It is much different than the analog cameras as they can only shoot footage but do not spread in the network. There are many advantages of IP Surveillance cameras for a Smart Cities like improved search capabilities, greater ease to use, better image quality, ability to record videos and play it simultaneously on the network having same IP, ability to compress the content so that data can be stored easily. IP surveillance cameras are really very beneficial to capture the images at the crime scenes and one can get to know about the other places very easily. Ability to connect to an e-mail and other communication devices can be done automatically. Uppal's Group deals in The IP Surveillance- Smart Cities projects as it is the part of the Make in India to make India smarter and developed.

The IP surveillance manages the cities with the help of the sensors that have been placed at the different places. With those sensors, the movement of the citizens can be easily recognized. Smart cities watch citizens through purposely placed sensors around the urban areas which collect data regarding many different factors of urban living. It is a very cost-effective and efficient way to by reducing the cost and resource consumption. The data collected by IP Surveillance analyzed by the government and various local authorities in order to recognize the various problems that the city face like crime prevention, traffic management, waste reduction and many more. There are many local challenges that can be solved by the IP cameras. Local law enforcement and other officials can monitor activity in public places remotely, via smartphones, tablets or laptops to address problems faster and more precisely. The IP cameras are considered for the various places like for public buildings, parks and parking lots, traffic lights, streets and restricted areas. Uppal's Group with the India government has raised their step towards the IP surveillance-smarter cities.

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The Uppal's Group IP cameras are placed in public buildings to avoid break-ins, crime, wide open areas of parks are monitored with multiple cameras, on traffic lights to avoid the danger and ensure that every citizen is following the traffic rules or not, follow any kind of the movements in the restricted areas. Such kind of the cameras has high-speed recording, zooming controls to have an eye on the various activities in the city and let the officials to better analyze facial gratitude or traffic patterns, making it easier to uncover illegal or dangerous activity.