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Uppal's group aims to extend the range of the traditional real estate broker and offer clients around the world a range of the most exclusive properties available for sale in India. Today Uppal's group has made trusted brand in the premium residential segment of the real estate market which will offer several premium residential and buildings. Each property presented in a convenient, informative and appealing format that will help with the inquiry and buying processes. For sellers, we offer a distinctive marketing platform that, for the first time in India, presents properties in a manner befitting their premium aesthetic and exposing them to both local and global audiences. For buyers, the service provides a level of screening and access to information that has been difficult to come by for properties in India, while also upholding Uppal's group unfaltering commitment to the exceptional and the aesthetically pleasing, as in its various services. Our residential services team allows companies and individuals to develop an approach for their residential requirements through the firm's ample services platform. Offering corporate leasing, relocation, portfolio management, acquisition, and investment suggested as well as marketing services, their team is ideally suited to meet all client needs.

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Uppal's group deals in various premium properties like schools, farm houses, villas and premium floors etc. and gives our services in the regions like Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh and its nearby areas, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and its nearby areas. In a case of a premium property, there come many issues related to the rents and various other things. When you buy a property at a right price, luxury or premium makes sense. Not to just pay additional money for a product that may eventually become a lock in for blocking your capital and you may have to make great effort to find a tenant or buyer later. It is not an easy decision to find a right luxury or premium property at the right price. Usually, it has been seen that people are very aware when it comes to maintenance and operational costs. We have seen buyers take unreasonable or annoyed decisions when it comes to handling such costs. It's easy to buy expensive and premium properties but difficult to maintain them. When we analyze this in detail and make our clients buy two properties instead of wasting money on one luxury property that makes better financial sense in terms of looking at end result as returns.

So, Uppal's group let you take the property related decisions very carefully and make your money will be invested at a right place.